Product Lists/Data Sheets

When selecting the product allocation you can also combine multiple mappings.
Hold down CTRL and click on desired allocation / Mark.
Hold down CTRL and click on highlighted item again deactivates the selection.

Titlesort descending Assignment technical data sheet safety data sheet
CURTIS Cut 4 NE N Non-water-soluble PDF icon si_curtis_cut_4_ne_n_en.pdf
CURTIS Cut 7 Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_cut_7_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_cut_7_en.pdf
CURTIS Cut H 10 Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_cut_h_10_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_cut_h_10_en.pdf
CURTIS Cut H 130 Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_cut_h_130_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_cut_h_130_en.pdf
CURTIS Cut H 20 Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_cut_h_20_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_cut_h_20_en.pdf
CURTIS Cut H 50 Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_cut_h_50_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_cut_h_50_en.pdf
CURTIS DD 100 E Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_dd_100_e_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_dd_100_e_en.pdf
CURTIS DD 50 E Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_dd_50_e_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_dd_50_e_en.pdf
CURTIS DD 80 GC Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_dd_80_gc_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_dd_80_gc_en.pdf
CURTIS Dielektrikum Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_dielektrikum_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_dielektrikum_en.pdf
CURTIS Draw 130 Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_draw_130_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_draw_130_en.pdf
CURTIS Draw 250 Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_draw_250_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_draw_250_en.pdf
CURTIS Draw 55 Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_draw_55_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_draw_55_en.pdf
CURTIS Draw 68 CLF Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_draw_68_clf_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_draw_68_clf_en.pdf
CURTIS Draw 90 Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_draw_90_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_draw_90_de.pdf
CURTIS Drill 12 Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_drill_12_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_drill_12_en.pdf
CURTIS Drill 22 Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_drill_22_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_drill_22_en.pdf
CURTIS Entschäumer AF 1109 Additives and cleaning agents PDF icon si_curtis_entschaumer_af_1109_en.pdf
CURTIS Entschäumer AF 12.0 Additives and cleaning agents PDF icon ti_curtis_entschaumer_af_12.0_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_entschaumer_af_12.0_en.pdf
CURTIS Entschäumer AF 6120 Additives and cleaning agents PDF icon ti_entschaumer_af_6120_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_entschaumer_af_6120_en.pdf
CURTIS Entschäumer AF 650 Additives and cleaning agents PDF icon ti_curtis_entschaumer_af_650_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_entschaumer_af_650_en.pdf
CURTIS Entschäumer AF 70_2 Additives and cleaning agents PDF icon ti_curtis_entschaumer_af_70_2_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_entschaumer_af_70_2_en.pdf
CURTIS Grimax AF Water-miscible PDF icon ti_curtis_grimax_af_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_grimax_af_en.pdf
CURTIS Grimax AF (Z) Water-miscible PDF icon ti_curtis_grimax_af_z_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_grimax_af_z_en.pdf
CURTIS Grimax BX Water-miscible PDF icon ti_curtis_grimax_bx_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_grimax_bx_en.pdf