Product Lists/Data Sheets

When selecting the product allocation you can also combine multiple mappings.
Hold down CTRL and click on desired allocation / Mark.
Hold down CTRL and click on highlighted item again deactivates the selection.

Titlesort ascending Assignment technical data sheet safety data sheet
TROYSHIELD SC1 Additives and cleaning agents PDF icon ti_troyshield_sc1_troy_en.pdf PDF icon si_troyshield_sc1_troy_en.pdf
TROYSHIELD PA 10 Additives and cleaning agents PDF icon ti_troyshield_pa_troy_en.pdf PDF icon si_troyshield_pa10_troy_en.pdf
TROYSHIELD B2 Additives and cleaning agents PDF icon ti_troyshield_b2_troy_en.pdf PDF icon si_troyshield_b2_troy_en.pdf
parmetol MBX Additives and cleaning agents PDF icon ti_parmetol_mbx_vink_en.pdf PDF icon si_parmetol_mbx_vink_en.pdf
Mergal V684K Additives and cleaning agents PDF icon ti_mergal_v684k_troy_en.pdf PDF icon si_mergal_v684k_troy_en.pdf
EBC-1 Additives and cleaning agents PDF icon ti_ebc-1_buckman_en.pdf PDF icon si_ebc-1_buckman_en.pdf
CURTIS V 181399 Water-miscible PDF icon ti_curtis_v_181399_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_v_181399_en.pdf
CURTIS V 142421 Water-miscible PDF icon ti_curtis_v_142421_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_v_142421_en.pdf
CURTIS SynCut 9000 Water-miscible PDF icon ti_curtis_syncut_9000_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_syncut_9000_en.pdf
CURTIS Stützemulgator 065 Additives and cleaning agents PDF icon ti_curtis_stutzemulgator_065_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_stutzemulgator_065_en.pdf
CURTIS SpraCut Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_spraycut_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_spraycut_en.pdf
CURTIS Solvent 8125 AN Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_solvent_8125_an_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_solvent_8125_an_en.pdf
CURTIS Solvent 7130 Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_solvent_7130_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_solvent_7130_en.pdf
CURTIS S 70 Bio Water-miscible PDF icon ti_curtis_s_70_bio_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_s_70_bio_en.pdf
CURTIS S 60 A2 Water-miscible PDF icon ti_curtis_s_60_a2_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_s_60_a2_en.pdf
CURTIS Rostlöser-Spray AR 40 Corrosion inhibitor PDF icon ti_curtis_rostloser-spray_ar_40_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_rostloser-spray_ar_40_en.pdf
CURTIS M 4792 Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_m_4792_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_m_4792_en.pdf
CURTIS Kaltreiniger 7130 Additives and cleaning agents PDF icon ti_curtis_kaltreiniger_7130_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_kaltreiniger_7130_en.pdf
CURTIS Hon 5 plus Non-water-soluble PDF icon ti_curtis_hon_5_plus_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_hon_5_plus_en.pdf
CURTIS HiSpeed 660 CL FF Water-miscible PDF icon ti_curtis_hispeed_660_cl_ff_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_hispeed_660_cl_ff_en.pdf
CURTIS HiSpeed 645 FF Water-miscible PDF icon ti_curtis_hispeed_645_ff_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_hispeed_645_ff_en.pdf
CURTIS HiSpeed 640 Water-miscible PDF icon ti_curtis_hispeed_640_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_hispeed_640_en.pdf
CURTIS HiSpeed 441 Eco Water-miscible PDF icon ti_curtis_hispeed_441_eco_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_hispeed_441_eco_en.pdf
CURTIS HiSpeed 430 Eco Water-miscible PDF icon ti_curtis_hispeed_430_eco_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_hispeed_430_eco_en.pdf
CURTIS HiSpeed 415 Eco Water-miscible PDF icon ti_curtis_hispeed_415_eco_en.pdf PDF icon si_curtis_hispeed_415_eco_en.pdf