A new generation of grinding oils

CURTIS Grind Spezial is a non-water miscible grinding oil, based on natural gas („GTL-oil (gas-to-liquids“).

The oils of CURTIS Grind special - series offer several advantages against conventional grinding oils:

- high flash point
- nlow pour point
- free of aromatics
- excellent air separation
- reduced evaporation
- high viscosity index

On the process oil market, a clear trend has shown the use of high purity products.

The used base oil has no or only low concentrations of:

- aromatics
- polycyclic aromatic structures
- sulfur
- nitrogen
- volatiles

The oils of CURTIS Grind Spezial - serie are therfore a new challenge on the grinding oil market..

Following grinding oils are available:
CURTIS Grind 10 C Spezial

CURTIS Grind 10 F Spezial