Cooling Lubricants

  • Water-miscible cooling lubricants
  • Cooling lubricants which are not soluble in water


Water-miscible cooling lubricants


Curtis HiSpeed 200 Series
High-quality cooling lubricants based on mineral oil, containing boron and amines. Ideal for universal usage in machining and grinding cast iron, steel, alu- minum and nonferrous metal materials.

Curtis HiSpeed 400 Series
Special high-performance cooling lubricants (free or boron) on mineral oil and ester basis. This product line is distinguished by a large range of application options. It also offers very high „technical stability“.

Curtis HiSpeed 600 Series
Top-class cooling lubricants based on mineral oil, free of boron and amines. Perfectly suited for universal usage in machining and grinding processes. This product line guarantees excellent skin friendliness to protect your health.

Curtis Eco-Tec Line
Free of labels for identification of bactericides, boracic acid and hazardous sub- stances. Curtis Systems customers are able to reduce consumption by 35% on average after switching to a Curtis Eco-Tec Line product.

Curtis Grimax Series
Outstanding grinding and cutting cooling fluids on a fully synthetic basis. These products have been designed for grinding cast iron, steel, glass and carbide materials as well as for machining. Products of the Curtis Grimax-/ SynCut – Series are transparent and can be used in low working concentration.


Cooling lubricants which are not soluble in water

Curtis Cut / Curtis Cut H Series
High performance universal cutting and forming oils. These high quality metal processing oils are used for applications from grinding and light to heavy machining through to forming.

Curtis Draw Series
High performance forming oils with excellent oxidation stability for medium-heavy to the heaviest machining processes. The most difficult forming on steel is easy to realize with the Curtis Draw – Series.

Curtis Drill Series
These deep hole drilling oils with the highest performance and stability against oxidation are best suited for various deep hole drilling operations with single fluted, ejector and BTA tools. The complete Curtis Drill – Series has an excellent flushing effect and the best possible conveyance of chipping.

Curtis Grind Series
High quality, low odor special grinding oils with excellent grinding performance. The Curtis Grind – Series allows consistent grinding performance over a long period of time with a low drag-out rate and an outstanding anti-fog and filter performance.

Curtis BioCut / Curtis SprayCut Series
Special products for cutting and non-cutting machining of stainless steel, non- ferrous metals and aluminum, also suitable for minimum quantity lubrication. The product series is particularly characterized by neutral odor, favorable anti-fog reaction and high stability against oxidation.

Curtis Solvent / BlankCut Series
Evaporating oils with and without EP additive for punching and light forming work on steel sheets, aluminum alloys and non-ferrous metals. These products are suitable for chip producing processes and minimum quantity coolant lubrication for inner cooling. The Curtis Solvent/BlankCut – Series is low odor, has an excellent cooling effect and evaporates practically without residue.

Curtis CorroSafe Series / AR-40
Universal corrosion protection oils with excellent water displacement properties. The Curtis CorroSafe – Series products are rust removers that are compatible with mineral oils, which still convince when requirements are high, such as on pickled metallic materials, and allow perfect corrosion protection.


Curtis ExtremePressure Series

Curtis 64-AS E / Curtis 91-Spezial E / Curtis 55-Cut E
Unique high-performance cutting oils for heavy to extremely heavy metal cutting processes on all metallic materials.

Curtis DD-50 E / Curtis DD-100 E
Unique high-performance forming oils for heavy to extremely heavy forming processes on all metallic materials.